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Turbine Repair & Overhaul Services

Unico Mechanical has a reputation built on our ability to help our customers with cost effective turbine repair and overhaul services. Often our turbine overhauls include services such as:

  • Cavitation repair
  • Resurfacing of worn faces
  • Journal reconditioning
  • Dimensional restoration
  • Crack repair
  • Hardware replacement
  • Parts manufacturing and replacement
  • Geometric measurement
  • Lube-less modifications

Partial lists of the types of turbine components we repair include:

  • Turbine runners
  • Turbine head covers
  • Servo motor repair
  • Turbine blade repair or blade fabrication and replacement
  • Turbine bucket repairs and replacement
  • Turbine airfoil repairs and replacement
  • Turbine diaphragm repair
  • Turbine governor valve repair
  • Turbine nozzle machining, erosion repairs, shell machining,
  • and more

We bring more than 30 years of experience working on turbines across a number of industries including hydroelectric and other power generation, oil and gas, water treatment and a number of other applications.

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